Work With Me

Would you like to write a guest post for this blog? Are you interested in being interviewed for my regular Friday series? Or do you want me to write for you?

Here’s the skinny.

Guest Posts for the Rachel McWrites Blog

I’m very interested in receiving guest post submissions. Topics must be relevant to the blog and the author must have demonstrable expertise or experience. I also expect all guest authors to have active social media accounts and be able to share their post widely.

I’m interested in posts on:

  • Writing craft, including productivity, plotting vs pantsing, and improving as a writer.
  • Book marketing, especially online marketing.
  • Author websites and social media marketing.
  • Going wide as an author – real-life experiences and tips on making it work.

If you want to write a post for me, I’d like it if you meet one of these criteria:

  • You have your own blog on the subject you want to write about.
  • You’re a published author, either traditionally or indie published (for craft posts).
  • You’re a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors or are registered as a service provider with them.

You don’t have to meet all of these criteria but at least one will give you an advantage.

Author Interviews

I run an interview with an author every Friday. At the moment the list of authors is taken from people I meet in person/online or who I’ve worked with, which means it’s almost all British authors. I’d like to widen the list so please get in touch if you’d like me to interview you.

Most of my interviews are on writing craft, but I’m also looking for successful authors who can answer questions about how they market their books.

To be interviewed, I need you to be a published author, either traditionally or indie published. I’d also appreciate it if you have active social media accounts as I expect you to share your interview. I will share the interview on Facebook and Twitter and link to your website and/or Amazon author page.

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

I Can Write For You Too

I’m always on the lookout for guest blogging opportunities, so please get in touch if you’d like me to write for you.

I’m a regular contributor to the Alliance of Independent Authors blog and have also written for The Creative Penn which is one of the biggest and most established blogs on the writing and publishing business.

I can write about:

  • Writing craft, in particular plotting and being a productive writer (I once wrote a book in a week).
  • Book marketing, especially social media marketing.
  • Author websites and how to use one to gain newsletter subscribers.
  • Author newsletters – why they’re important and how to run one.
  • Being a wide indie author.
  • Blogging and content marketing for authors.

I also write about web development, WordPress use and online business and careers for a variety of sites – I’ve written for tuts+, WPMU DEV, Automattic, Smashing Magazine and .net, amongst others. These are paid writing gigs – if you’d like to hire me, get in touch.

Get in Touch

Here’s where to contact me – I look forward to hearing from you!