Watch My Talk from the Alliance of Independent Authors Self Publishing Conference

I’m delighted to have been one of the speakers in this year’s Self Publishing Conference, organized by the excellent Alliance of Independent Authors.

My talk is all about (guess what?) author websites.

I cover:

  • Why you need an author website.
  • How to go about getting an author website.
  • How to use your author website to engage with readers and sell books.

It’s a 40 minute(ish) recorded session that you can watch for free with a three day pass – but if you want lifetime access to my talk and the entire conference, I can give you 50% off the normal rate because I’m a speaker.

The lineup includes some experienced and expert Indies including:

  • Orna Ross
  • Michael Anderle
  • Brian Meeks
  • J Thorn
  • Dean Wesley-Smith
  • Sacha Black

…and me! I feel very privileged to be on the same bill as some very big names in self publishing.

If you want to get lifetime access for half price, just follow this link and you’ll be prompted to sign up.

There’s a lot of content to digest, and I’m not sure you could get the most from it in three days, but if you think you can, you can access the whole thing for free for the next three days.

I hope you find it useful!

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