The Wide Indie Author Part 4: Book Recommendation

It’s #WideWednesday!

Things have been a little quiet for me on the going wide front for the last week, mainly because I’m holding my breath and waiting for my first wide Bookbub, which should kick off in less than an hour.

(Must resist the temptation to check my sales figures every five minutes for the rest of the day.)

I’ll be reporting back on how that went next week (you can read my thoughts about how I think going wide helped me get a Bookbub in last week’s post), but in the meantime I have a book recommendation for you.

Most of the books about book marketing are focused on authors who are exclusive to Amazon. They’ll talk about KU page reads, and how to calculate their value when estimating ROI (return on investment) on your ads.

So I was looking for a book aimed at wide authors…and what better subject to start with than Kobo?

Kobo is the biggest platform outside Amazon for most wide authors, and there are a few authors (mainly in Canada) who do better on Kobo than they do on Amazon.

I have yet to make any sales on Kobo, and that’s because I haven’t done any promotion on Kobo yet (I was rejected for a promotion this month, sob).

But I’m expecting that to change with my Bookbub featured deal today. Once it generates some sales for me, I then have more leverage for Kobo promotions and to get read-through. And I admit, I need to do some promotion to Kobo readers via Facebook and Bookbub ads.

These are things I need to take some time planning; time I haven’t had lately as I’ve been busy writing WordPress For Writers. But once that’s done, I plan to put some serious thought into wide promotions (and to blog about it).

The best book to help with this on Kobo is Mark Leslie Levebre’s Killing It On Kobo. It’s a comprehensive guide to publishing and promoting your books on Kobo.

It also tells the story of the Kobo Writing Life platform and how it grew – and I’ll tell you, it’s a much more inspiring story than anything you’l read about Amazon.

I can recommend this book if you want to fully understand how to make the most of the Kobo Writing Life platform and get tips on making the most of your books. One of the key takeaways for me was around the fact that KWL is run my human bings, not by algorithms. So the strategies you need to use are quite different from with KDP.

Anyway I’m off to check my sales figures and refresh my email every few seconds carry on writing WordPress For Writers. See you next week!

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