Productivity Tip – Where do you do your best writing?

Many writers want to be more productive.

We want to find more time to write, to clear away the humdrum day-to-day tasks that get in the way of writing, and to just finish that damn novel.

But if you can’t carve out more time, you can find a way to be more efficient with the time you have.

For two weeks, time every writing session you do. When you’re finished writing, make a note of where you wrote, what time it was and how many words you got down. I use a spreadsheet for this but you could just use a notebook.

After the two weeks are up, review your data. What time of day were your words per hour highest? Are you more efficient writing in short bursts or longer sessions? In what location were you most productive?

Now try to arrange your schedule so that you can write in the best spot and at the best time, wherever possible. It could seriously increase your productivity, without taking up any extra time.

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