How to Add Your Latest Blog Posts to Your Author Website’s Home Page in WordPress

If you’re running a blog on your author website, and your home page is a static page, you might want to make it easier for people visiting that home page to find your latest posts.

So you already have your latest blog posts on your Blog page and maybe in your sidebar using a widget (clever you, you worked out widgets).

Well the great news is that you can use that same widget to add a list of your latest posts on your home page, just like I’ve done in this site.

I didn’t type that list of links in manually and I don’t have to update it every time I add a new post to my blog.

Instead, by the magic of WordPress, I added a list that automatically updates when I publish a new post. (Are you dumbfounded with awe at WordPress’s powers yet? OK, maybe not.)

So here’s how I did it.

In the spot in the page where I wanted that list (the end of the page), I clicked the + icon to add a new block.

I then selected the Widgets block type and the Latest Posts block.

You can see it in the screen grab below, which is actually from this page, where I’m demonstrating it on the fly (the eagle-eyed among you may spot a typo or two in the image; I haven’t proof read it yet).

And that will create a block, within which is a widget, with a list of your latest posts.

You can customize it if you like, changing the number of items displayed, the order, the category they’re taken from and whether or not the date is shown.

Here’s a list of the 10 latest posts in the ‘Websites’ category on this site, with dates, most recent first.

Clever, huh? It took me no more than 10 minutes to do it, and that included taking the screenshots and typing up this guide.

No reason for you not to do it too, and make it easier for people to access your latest posts.

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