How to Add a Landing Page to Your WordPress Theme

One of the most important functions your author website will fulfil is as the home to your mailing list.

It’s the place you’ll send people when they’ve finished your books or visit your Amazon page. And to collect mailing list signups, you’ll need a landing page.

The best landing pages are clean and spartan. They have only one link in them – and that’s the big button for signing up to the mailing list. The navigation menu is gone and no other links work.

But if you’re using a theme that doesn’t have a landing page included, how do you create a landing page?

In this tutorial for WPMU DEV, I show you how to code a landing page template for your theme. It does involve writing code, so if you aren’t comfortable with that, I suggest asking your web developer to do it for you – you can send him or her this link.

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