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This site is a growing source of tips, resources, tutorials and videos designed to help you be successful as a writer.

Topics covered are:

Author Websites

Learn how to create a stunning author website with WordPress – without writing any code or spending a lot of money. Hook your website up to your mailing list provider and let people sign up for your newsletter without you having to lift a finger.

Writing (especially Plotting)

I’m firmly a member of the outliner camp. I pantsed my first book (in other words, I wrote it by the seat of my pants, with no outline or idea of where it was heading). It took me 15 years to finish it and I think that only 10% of the original book remains. Since then I’ve learned to plan – and have become more productive and better at storytelling. I’ll share my tips here.


I’ve put a lot of time and analysis into making myself more productive as a writer (you can find out about the novel I wrote in a week on my fiction site). Let me share what I’ve learned with you so you can adapt it for your own working style and write more, faster – without sacrificing quality.


I’m a proud independently published author and a member of ALLi – the Alliance of Independent Authors. I also write for their blog.

Publishing needn’t be hard. I share my tips, experiences and failures here – so you don’t have to repeat them!

I’m currently in the process of taking my books wide, which means they’ll no longer be exclusive to Amazon. I’ll be learning as I go along, and blogging about it regularly in the Wide Indie Author section of this site.

I don’t claim to be the world’s expert at any of this stuff. Like most authors, I’m learning as I go along. But hopefully, by sharing my experiences and showing how I’ve learned from my failures, I can help you to do this writing and publishing thing better than me.

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