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WordPress for Writers by Rachel McCollin

WordPress for Writers is now out in paperback! And the ebook version is still on pre-order until Friday, for half price.

I’ve been over the moon with the feedback from initial readers, and wanted to share it with you so you know what to expect from the book.

I asked three people to beta read the book, and all three thought it was excellent. More importantly, all three said it helped them to either create a website or to improve their existing one.

Here’s what they said.

“I think this is an EXCELLENT reference and I wish the book had been available the first time I tried this. The hosting section is very good and gives clear pointers. I really like the idea that you create content and then just test some out – I don’t think I appreciated that you could do that before. It feels like a big commitment to load up a theme, but this approach makes much more sense. There are changes that I will definitely make to our website based on your recommendations.”

Heide Goody, bestselling fantasy author

“I really had no idea where to start with making a website for myself, but I knew I needed one. This book was great at guiding me step by step through the process. I know I’ll refer back to it in future too, as I need to make tweaks or just to help think about how to use the website as an effective marketing tool. The book was incredibly useful and took me from nowhere to a professional-looking website in a few days! Couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

Justin Lee Anderson, author of the award-winning Carpet Diem

“Instant feedback on WordPress For Writers: if someone as IT-illiterate as I am can manage to set up a website, you must be doing something right! I have managed to create a static home page, a page with a little more detail and a blog post – and add images of six of my books. It’s taken hours but I felt confident, thanks to your step by step guide. A huge improvement, so thank you.”

Jane Andrews, YA and women’s fiction author

My goal when writing WordPress For Writers was to create a practical resource that you as a writer could use to create your own website or improve the one you have. I’m really pleased it’s done that for the people who’ve read it so far.

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