WordPress For Writers

WordPress for Writers by Rachel McCollin

Are you torn between the ease and low cost of cheap-and-cheerful website builders and the flexibility of a WordPress site?

Would you like to have an author website that looks professional and unique without you having to write code?

Do you want a site that lets people sign up to your mailing list, is fast and secure and gives you SEO benefits, but without hiring an expensive web developer?

This book is for you. It’ll walk you through the process of setting up and maintaining a WordPress website without writing any code or hiring an expensive designer.

Learn how to:

  • Choose between wordpress.com and self-hosted WordPress
  • Choose hosting and install WordPress
  • Find and customize a free theme that’ll fit your author brand
  • Install the essential plugins to keep your site secure and up to date
  • Link your website to your mailing list – for free
  • Create a blogging schedule that you can stick to.

I’m a writer and WordPress developer, and I’ve been writing about WordPress since 2010. I’ve helped thousands of people, from beginners to advanced developers, get more from WordPress.

At writing events, I always find myself giving people advice about WordPress author websites. Now you don’t have to bump into me at an event to get that advice – it’s all in the book.

WordPress for Writers is available in ebook and print from all your favorite book retailers.

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